Top reasons why Google underestimates your website and solutions

Noam Meitzar

If you are a website manager and product seller, you probably know how important SEO is to your business. However, not everyone succeeds in getting their website to the top of Google search, and many businesses have failed to spread their brand online.

Whether you are doing SEO yourself or using SEO services, you need to know what causes Google to underestimate your website and thereby find solutions to cope with.

Below are some helpful tips for you to apply

1. Searching for all suspicious traces

  • Let’s ask yourself that, did you accidentally or intentionally perform these operations:
  • Copy articles from other websites (content, services or news articles).
  • Create SPAM content: write a lot of articles on the website, but the content is almost similar.
  • Keyword stuffing: place keywords in many places on the website, repeatedly on articles.
  • Blast links not related to the field of activity.
  • Repeated links,…

Tips: If the answers are yes, you need to change your mind, track down the mistakes and eliminate them immediately. You should remember that absolutely do not spam or do any evil methods, because everything done is according to the law of cause and effect and SEO is no exception.

2. Replace unflattering posts with non-duplicated, user-directed articles

To Google, if your website is detected to have duplicate content, it will simply ignore and consider it a page with copy content.

But that is only the lucky case. Usually our Google applies a stronger law such as Panda, Penguin, Zebra which will surely banish your website.

Tips: You should take up these actions to clear your sins

  • Immediately remove duplicate content
  • Replace with specific content about products and services you are trading
  • Turn other people’s content into yours with your own words and style, giving the content a new color.

3. Check links to the website

After adjusting the content, the next step is to check the links. Let’s review the places you link to the website such as forums and online market.

If there are pages that are not in your working field, log in and definitely remove those links. Because less yet high-quality links will always be much better than more yet low-quality ones.

Some people with bad intentions can create links to your website with irrelevant content, which makes Google misunderstand and underestimate the website. Therefore, you should regularly check the links in Google Webmaster Tools provided by Google.

4. Develop a new SEO strategy to avoid unnecessary mistakes

After fixing your past mistakes and letting Google know, you need to devise a new SEO strategy to avoid repeating unwanted results.

Then, you keep developing content suitable with the provided services. If the content is compelling, other websites will proactively put your website link into their content.

5. Be Patient

There are millions of websites out there, and Google needs time to update your website. So do not be disappointed if you have not seen your website on Google.

However, for websites that are heavily punished, their ranking will never be found on Google.

You should then consider starting a new website again, and never repeat the same mistakes.

6. Enjoy success and keep trying

Some websites were paid much care in the first place, yet then when the administrator was fine, the creator began to neglect.

As you may know, SEO or website development is a job that needs to be done continuously and long term.

So after enjoying the joy of the website being on the top, you must remember to pursue the desire to maintain your position.

In summary, those are some basic reasons and solutions for you to refer and apply to your SEO procedure. If you need any extra help for your business, Accessily is a great place to trust. Their platform simplifies the entire guest post-management process.

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Noam Meitzar

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