The Marketplace- An advanced Guide

Hello Everyone,

In this guide we will discuss about tips and advices on how to use the marketplace.

Let’s start with the “Cart” feature.

The “Cart” can be accessed by 3 different methods:
1. By clicking on the “Cart” icon at the top of the marketplace.

2. When Adding an item you have found interesting click the “Add to cart”

After clicking on the “Add To Cart” option, there will be a “View Cart”/”Continue Shopping options.

3. The final option to view the cart can be found on the “Checkout” (The payment page) before filling in the final details.

Comparing other offers for the same site:
First of all, find a site you are interested in.

You will be redirected into the listing page, the default name you will have the option to order from is the seller with the most orders completed for the specific site.

Scroll down the page, until you see an option named “Compare offers from (Site’s name) contributors”.

Then a list with all of the sellers that are currently available for the site will be opened
In order to see more information about the seller’s Offer (Number of links he can offer, Success Rate, Total orders record and more), click on the “Down Arrow” on the right side.

In order to change the seller that his offer is being shown on the listing’s page, click on the empty area in the middle of the line.

You can check the seller’s profile by clicking on his name on the left.

It is important to know that if you have a subscription you can contact the sellers of the sites before deciding if you would like to order from their services.

You will be redirected into their profile, and from their profile, you will have the option to see the sites they are offering, and contacting him through the “Send Private Message option”.

“Create” Panel Guide

At the top of the screen is the “Create” Panel, which will help you with navigation towards all of the things you can create by using our platform.

Now let’s break down every option and elaborate on them:

“Guest Posts”
By clicking on the option you will be redirected into the Marketplace section of Blogs and sites that are available for guest posting.

“Press Releases”
Redirects you to the Marketplace’s press releases section, revealing all of the sites that are currently available for press-release purposes.
Generally the sites that presented on this section are Top-Quality, which means it might take a while until they get posted, you can see how long it will take on the listing’s page.

“Instagram Shoutouts”
Redirects you to the section in the marketplace, where there are all of the Infuencers that are available for promoting your products/agendas.

“Social media Posts”
A scheduling tool that enables you to manage your social media account.

In case you are interested to use this tool make sure that your Social media accounts are linked to the platform. (Can be done via the “Settings” section)

At the top of the page you will be asked to schedule the date and the time(Hour & Minute) the content will be posted.

After you have scheduled the date & time, you will need to select the Social media channels that are relevant to you between the 3 options: Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook.

Of course more than 1 social media channel can be selected.

At the bottom of the page you will have the option to create & arrange the base content for the posts.
Images, videos, and GIFs and be added to the base content.

Once you have finished working on the base content, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom and the post will be scheduled according to the information you have filled in.

This option will redirect you into the marketplace part where you can purchase various pieces of content, including articles.

This option will enable you the opportunity to Launch a Campaign.

The Campaign is a “Managed Service Program” where our team creates orders on your behalf based on the guidelines & a Monthly budget you have filled in.

In case you need any assistance with filling in the Campaign form questions, please email:
[email protected] and he will assist you with everything you need in order to get started.

Once your campaign information has been filled in our team will take action and create the orders for your campaign as soon as possible.

Marketplace Filters & Sorts Guide

Navigation: Click on the “Create” button at the top of the screen, and select “Guest Posts”

Welcome to the marketplace,

When entering the marketplace for the first time you will be asked to select which categories are related to your area of interest, after you have selected the categories scroll down the page and click on the “Save & Continue” option.

In case you have missed a category, or would like to adjust your category settings, you can always return to the selection option by going to the topside of the marketplace, and clicking on the “click here” option.

As you can see there are many filter options, let begin from the left-

Price- Will show only relevant results according to a specific price range that you are looking for.
On the left will be the minimum price, we generally recommend keeping the minimum of this specific filter always on 0 in order to find relevant options.
After you have finished choosing your price range, please click on the “Save” tab.

DA (Domain Authority)-
Will filter according to a minimal DA requirement you have set.
After you have set the minimal & maximal requirement, click on the “Save” tab, same as the “Price” filter.
Please note that the information that is being presented at the marketplace is according to MOZ a leading SEO analysis tool, so if you are deciding to check the information according to other tools such as “ahrefs” the information will be different.

Very simple, the information will be presented according to the site’s language, please select the Language from the existing list, if the language you are looking for isn’t visible, it means we don’t have any sites under this specific language for the time being, but no worries, we are always looking to expand the marketplace in we will have sites for the designated language in the future.

Website Type-
Mark “check” on the boxes of sites’ types  you would like to be presented at the marketplace (Social media, Educational Institutions, Blogs, etc).

Publisher Information-
Only two options are available for this specific filter, you can only select one option.
Display All of the websites.
Only Verified by Google Analytics (only verified owners).

Sort Options-
It is important to mention that the “sort by” options are not removing irrelevant options, they are only organizing the results according to the relevance of the “sort by option” you have selected, the least relevant ones will be displayed at the bottom.

“Best Selling”- This is the default option, will display sites according to their all time selling record.

“Top Rated”- Will display sites according to our customer’s rating for the service they have received for the specific site, it is important to know, that you need to check the seller’s rating too, as many of the sites have more than one seller, and it is necessary to make sure you are selecting the person you who has received the rating that the site is advertised is.
(You can choose different seller options by clicking on the site you have found interesting, then click on the “Compare Other offers for (site’s name)”.

“Newest Arrivals”- Our team is generally approving new sites on a weekly basis, sorts the marketplace according to the latest approved listings that were added to the marketplace.

“Domain Authority (High First)”- Sort the result according to the highest Domain authority, lowest will be at the bottom.

“Price (Low First)”- Will sort the results according to the cheapest prices, the most expensive ones will be at the bottom.

“Traffic (High First)”- Will display sites with the highest traffic audiences at the top, lowest will be at the bottom.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Hello There,

In case you would like to cancel your membership, please go to the “Billing & Funds” section.

Click on “Upgrade Your Account”.

You will be redirected into the “Plans” section, and then you will need to click on the “Free” option on the left.

Once it has been shown as “Selected” click on the “Downgrade” option at the bottom-right of the screen.

Billing & Funds Walkthrough

Billing & funds

Navigation: Click on “Billing & Funds” on the left sidebar.

In this page you will be able to upgrade your account’s existing plan by clicking on the “Upgrade Your Account” button at the top-right of the screen.

Then you will be redirected to the “Upgrade” page where you will be able to select the plan that suits you.

After you have found a plan that suits you, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Upgrade”

This section has 4 different features you can browse between through the menu that on the right of the Left Sidebar.

Payment methods-
On this page you will be able to edit your existing card information.

You Will be required to fill in all of the fields in order to have the option to save the card information.

Once you have Entered the required information, click on the “Save Card” button under the information fields.

Deposit Funds (PayPal)
Right here you will be able to use PayPal as a payment option, please select from the menu the amount you would like to deposit, and then click on the “Deposit” button.

In case you don’t have PayPal information saved under the platform you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your PayPal address in order to process the payment.

If you would like to deposit a customer amount please deposit the funds to [email protected] and our billing team will add the funds automatically into your account (Custom amounts can be deposited only for $50+)

Once you have deposited the funds successfully, you will be able to see the funds on the “Settings” section shown as balance.

And on the “Checkout” page as “Account Balance”

Please note you can pay with the balance only in case the cost of the order is equal/lower than your existing balance.

Billing Information-
Right here you will be able to add/update your billing information for your invoices.

Once you have filled in everything, please click on “Update” at the bottom.

Promotional Codes-
You can redeem discounts by using the coupon codes right here.

After you have entered the code, please click on “Apply” and the discount will be made.

Orders- A Customer Walkthrough

You can find the orders section by clicking on “Guest Posts” (found on the left sidebar),

Then click on the “Orders” icon which can be found next to the “Overview” (360) icon.

As you can see, this is the “Orders” Page.
In order to see the orders you have made, please select the month the orders were created at the top-right of the screen(Below where your username is being presented).

On this page you will have everything you need to know regarding the details of the order you have created.
On the order log you will be able to see the following things:
The ID of the order
The site’s name you have ordered from
The seller’s name (In case you have an active subscription, clicking on his name will give you an option to contact him directly).
The order’s current status.
And the cost of the order

By clicking on one of the ID of the orders on the left side of the page,

you will be redirected into a timeline of the order where you will be receiving more information regarding the progress of the order.
Also on this page you will be able review the content that the seller has written by clicking on the “Delivery” option.

By clicking on “Delivery” you will be redirected to a page where you will have an option to see the content that has been written on you.

You will have a 72 hour window to approve/reject the written content.

In case you have rejected the content, you will have an option to request a revision where you can instruct the seller on which type of adjustments are needed to be made.
If you are very unhappy with the content or anything else, you can also hand in a support request for the order to be canceled due to the written content.

Once the order is fulfilled you will be able to find the live link at the bottom of the “Delivery” page.

Now, let’s discuss about the Order statuses and what do they mean.

After you have created the order the first status is “Pending”

(Means it is pending for the approval of the seller that he is working on fulfilling the order and can make it happen).
The seller can decline a request if the customer’s niche is not relevant to the requested site niche, but if it is approved, the seller confirms there are no issues with that.

Approved means the seller has confirmed that he is working on fulfilling the order, and he is making sure he is working according to the given guidelines that you have sent him on the order form.

“Content is Ready”-
(Unique status for those who requested the content to be written by the seller)- This status is in case the seller was the one who has written the content for your order, on this specific stage you have a 72-hours window to review the content and decide if the content can be published or needs to be revised, in case you are the provider of the content, our system automatically skips this stage.

“Pending for live link”-
Pending for live link means that the has arranged everything in terms of publication orders, and the order is currently just waiting for the seller to send the live link for the specific order (Usually 24 hours before completion of the order sits on that specific status).”Order Again”- means that the order has been completed and you can find the link by clicking on the ID of the order and selecting “Delivery”, the link can be found at the bottom of the page.

“Order Again”-
Your order has been marked as completed, you will be able to find the live link by clicking on the order ID, at the bottom of the delivery page.

“On revision”-
Unique status that only appears in case you were not satisfied with the content that was written, the meaning of the status is that the content of the order is under a correction process in order for the content to be posted after it has been fixed according to the adjustments that have been requested to be made.

Inbox (Customers) Walkthrough

Inbox(Customers) –

Welcome to the Inbox section.

In case you are able to access this section it means you have an active subscription.

On this page you will be able to contact any seller you have ordered/wish to order from.

In order to contact the person you have ordered from please take the following actions:
1. Go to the “Orders” section (Can be found through “Guest Posts” on the left sidebar).
2. Click on the name of the seller you have ordered from (Can be found at the middle of the screen next to the “Date”), you will be redirected into the seller’s profile.

3. Once you will be on the seller’s profile click on the option, “Send Private Message”.

4. Your inbox will include the seller you have contacted in your conversation history will be saved there, and you wouldn’t need to follow the same process the next time you would wish to contact the same person.

After you have written the message you would like to send, click on the Paper Plane icon at the bottom right of the inbox.

The “+” option at the bottom left of the inbox, is for sharing Keywords, and Landing pages.
(Also, can be used to share a Google Doc version of an article, by sharing the landing page of the google doc).

Library Walkthrough

Navigation: Click on “Guest Posts”.

Then Click on the “Library” (Books) icon which can be found next to the “Orders” icon.

Welcome to the content library section.

In this section you will be able to add your own content, so you will be able to use it in your orders.

As you can see this is the default folder, you can create a new folder at the top-right side of your screen, and create as many folders as you wish, it is recommended to have a couple of folders if you are looking to promote multiple types of products, to keep it organized and separate between the articles you would like to use for each.

In order to create a new content please click on the “Create New Content” button at the top-right of the screen, next to the “New Folder” option.

On the “New Content” page, you will be required to enter the following article information:
Title, Description, SEO keyword (The keyword you would like the article to promote/ be included in the delivery of the order).

You can also select the folder you would like the article to appear on.

There is no limit to the number of words, you can fill in the article, you can also leave an article empty if it is still in writing progress.

The Articles can be edited and moved between folders at any time as long as they were not used already in any of the orders.

Settings Section Walkthrough

You can get to the settings section by clicking on the “Settings” option left sidebar.

Welcome to the settings page. In this page you can see more details about your account’s information and edit the information as you wish.

You can browse between the sections of the settings on the menu that is shown on the right side of the screen.

You can see the unused funds you have deposited/funds of orders that have been canceled, the funds can be used towards equal/lower price orders in the marketplace, in case you would like to purchase a slightly higher cost order you will need to deposit the missing amount.

Now, let’s elaborate on every section.

“Profile”– This is the default landing page of the “Settings” section, here you can edit your profile information including Name (First & Last), Email address, and invoice information at the bottom.

Also, you can add a bio, by filling in the box which says “About Me”.
– Please note you can allow/disallow email notifications & Allow/disallow profile comments, at the bottom of this page.

Once you have adjusted all of the settings, please click on the “Update Settings” option at the bottom.

“Change Password”– Very simple, you can change your existing password right here.

In order to change the existing password you will need to know what the existing one is, and enter twice the new password you would like to change to.
Once you have entered the new password twice, please click on “Update Settings”.

In case you do not know what your existing password is, log out from your account and Click on the “Forgotten Password?” option which can be found under the “Login” button.

“My Website & Social Networks”– In this section you can connect your Twitter & Linkedin accounts to the platform.

“Payment Logs”– The “Payment Logs” section will present the account’s payment record since the date you have opened your account.

You can view and download the invoices of every payment you have made.

“Users”– Enables you to create new users, under your existing account.
Please note that all of the users will be registered under the main user’s email address, and can be only accessed from the main user.

In order to create a new user, you will need to select the “New User” option.
Then you will be able to fill in the name information (first & last name) and create a new username for the new user.

Creating multiple users could be relevant to you, if you run different businesses you are looking to promote by having separated “My Orders” sections that will help you to track orders, and be more organized.

Seller Related Settings

“Publisher Settings”- In this section you will be able to enter/change your PayPal address that will receive the payment against the orders you have fulfilled.

Please note in case you need to change the address, make sure you do it at least 24 hours before the payment date.

“General Settings”- Right here you will be able to turn on/off your content writing option, and adjust it according to your prefferation.