Inbox (Customers) Walkthrough

Inbox(Customers) –

Welcome to the Inbox section.

In case you are able to access this section it means you have an active subscription.

On this page you will be able to contact any seller you have ordered/wish to order from.

In order to contact the person you have ordered from please take the following actions:
1. Go to the “Orders” section (Can be found through “Guest Posts” on the left sidebar).
2. Click on the name of the seller you have ordered from (Can be found at the middle of the screen next to the “Date”), you will be redirected into the seller’s profile.

3. Once you will be on the seller’s profile click on the option, “Send Private Message”.

4. Your inbox will include the seller you have contacted in your conversation history will be saved there, and you wouldn’t need to follow the same process the next time you would wish to contact the same person.

After you have written the message you would like to send, click on the Paper Plane icon at the bottom right of the inbox.

The “+” option at the bottom left of the inbox, is for sharing Keywords, and Landing pages.
(Also, can be used to share a Google Doc version of an article, by sharing the landing page of the google doc).

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