Top 2 Reasons to Fire Your SEO Person

Hopefully you have the best SEO person in the world who is doing a fantastic job for you and your company. The person is local to you, can meet with you at your business, is responsive, and knows what he or she is doing.

If you have person like that, great! This article isn’t for you though.

This article is for those of you that are struggling with your current SEO person and aren’t sure if you should move on.

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Looking for SEO Link Exchange Tool? Meet Accessily

Google Search Engine optimization

Link exchanges are agreements to build mutual backlinks between two websites. A few years ago, the strategy of using ״Link Exchanges״ was very commonplace for improving a site’s search engine rankings. It is still used today to try and improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it is not necessarily an effective technique and one must be careful not to inadvertently hurt their SEO using this technique.

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