SEO & Backlink Packages: New Feature for 2022 Announcement 🎉

Table of Content:

  1. Introduction 🙂
  2. Why have we decided to build this tool? and what we were scared of.
  3. How does it work?

Introduction: SEO and Backlink Packages

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog, every once in a while we release a new feature or new product to the air and we are first posting it here on our blog – so stay tuned!

Before I start telling you more about our new product that we very hard to release it these days. I want to share with you the decision to build this product from our perspective, and why we decided to build it despite all the difficulties involved.

When we first founded Accessley, there were some things we did not like in the SEO & public relations industry. Everything looked very cheap: for example, when you approach to buy a guest post on some particular site, I would go to an SEO forum and choose a package of links (displayed as guest posts). Without the ability to know which links will be published.

Another example from the seemingly professional world of public relations:

These examples were milestones for us in Accessily’s early days.
And the things were clear to us:

  1. Everything must be transparent.
  2. Everything must be measurable.

We stand by these two principles and will continue to do so in the future. As We would like to be for our customers the perfect advertising machine that they can rely on. It is in that spirit that we began to develop the idea for SEO and backlink packages. We wanted to provide a bundle/bulk backlink package option with the same level of transparency and results as our marketplace.

Since the early days of Accessily, we have been operating the largest marketplace in the world for guest posts and our customers are very pleased with us. In addition, last year we added a management service called Managed Service Formerly Campaigns.

The purpose of the managed service was to save our customers valuable time in choosing the websites they want to advertise on and actually give us the reins to do it for them – an overall decision makes sense because the knowledge and experience our employees acquire are vast and decision making will be faster than anyone else that is new to the platform.

And that brings me back to the new product we developed called: Packages. The packages are groups of listings from the marketplace that in combination are amazing SEO and backlink packages for a more affordable price then separately listed.

The difficulties in making the decision to develop this product began from how we have seen the industry so far and in one sentence: Lack of transparency

We have combined our two leading products, the Marketplace and the Managed Service, in order to create an intermediate experience that can give your business a variety of guest posts without committing to a regular monthly subscription.

SEO and Backlink Packages: How does it work?

In the toolbar, you will see a new option called Packages.

Once you have entered the page you will see all the packages that the sellers have created for you!

These packages are built by the sellers based on their experience as to which sites sell best, which sites give the most effective SEO, or which sites will give you the most exposure to the site, Or even which sites approve guest posts for gambling, CBD and adults.

And from your side?
All you have to do is choose the package that suits your business needs.

When you select one of the packages from the entire selection, you can see the contents of the package, the sites, a description of the service, and the discount you can get if you order the package in full.

After the purchase, you will be able to see your orders in the usual way, which means that the orders will be separated for each website and you will not lose any important information that can be used by you.

And of course, you can keep track of the data in all the tools offered on the platform in a completely normal way as if you were using the Marketplace service.

Tell us what you think

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new product we have built and it will serve your business. The product is offered as part of our free subscription.

If you have any questions/suggestions, we invite you to contact us by email at [email protected] or through our chat. We will be happy to be at your service at any time.

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