What Does SEO Stand for?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing website visibility over the search results, and by that receive more organic traffic to the website.

Nowadays when people seek information, looking for a product to buy, catching up with the news, they turn to Google.
In other words, Google is the deciding factor on how much organic traffic a website would get.

Google uses “Crawlers” which are robots that are scanning for links on websites in the network.
These Crawlers help google to rank a site on their search results by knowing the number of links to a website, and the more links to a website the higher Google will rank him.

SEO stands for:
Content – SEO stands for writing original content that is related to keywords and the main ideas that you are trying to promote are very important.
It is important to mention that Google loves to rank lengthy articles higher than some article with a few paragraphs
The better content you have the more will want to share this useful informational website with other people they know.

A Website that loads properly – SEO stand for some technical aspects like making sure a website is loading fast and smoothly, no one likes to wait for a website to load and some are giving up on waiting while in the process.
Google Knows it, and they tend to rank lower websites that are loading slower the average loading time.

Mobile Supported website- SEO stands for a website that can work on the mobile phone.
Most of today’s organic traffic comes from people who use the internet from mobile phones.
It is very important for a website to be mobile supported in order to be viewed high on the search results. If a website isn’t available on the mobile you can expect the website to not be viewed over the first pages of the search results.

Link from other content related websites – SEO stands for the number of links that direct to a website.
Probably the audience you’ve been trying to attract might see other relevant websites and if those websites would have backlinks to your website, you would receive some of their organic traffic to your website too.
As we mentioned before the “Crawlers” which google are using searching around the net links to websites.
The more links a website has the higher Google will place him on the search results.

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What is guest posting?
Guest Posting is writing published on a blog by an author who publishes a different blog. – Taken from Computer Hope.
Nowadays the usage of guest posts becomes more common among people who try to market their businesses and interests.

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