What Does SEO Stand for? #1 Essential & Best Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing website visibility in search results, with the goal of receiving more organic traffic to the website.

Nowadays when people seek information whether it is looking for a product to buy or catching up with the news, they turn to Google. Google then directs them to the most relevant results based on what they searched for. Thus Google has a lot of influence on the organic traffic a website receives because it guides users to specific sites.

Google uses “Crawlers” to gather information about a website, and these are robots that are scanning for links on websites in the network.
These Crawlers help Google determine how to rank websites in their search results. One major data point that the Crawlers collect is the number of backlinks or in other words the number of links to a website on other websites. Backlinks are incredibly important to search rankings, and having more of them can help a website to rank higher.

SEO Factors

Many factors affect how websites are ranked by search engines and optimizing these factors will help improve overall SEO.

Content – SEO stands for good and relevant content. The content of your website is a crucial factor in SEO because search engines aim to connect users to relevant content, related to their search query. It is important to provide original content that is related to specific keywords and specific main ideas. It is important to mention that Google generally favors longer articles over those with just a few paragraphs. Overall, the better content you have the more people will want to share this useful informational website, which leads to more backlinks and higher rankings.

A Website that loads properly – SEO stands for positive user experience. There are many technical aspects that affect SEO like making sure a website is loading fast and smoothly. This relates to user experience, no one likes to wait forever for a website to load. Sometimes users abandon a website due to long loading times. These issues are visible to Google, and they tend to give lower rankings to websites whose loading speed is below average.

Mobile Supported Website- SEO stands for easy access through any device. Having a mobile-friendly website is also an important SEO factor. Most of today’s organic traffic comes from people who use the internet from mobile phones. Thus, it is very important for a website to be mobile supported so that more people can easily access it. If a website isn’t available on the mobile it definitely will not be on the first page of search results.

Link from other content related websites – SEO stands for high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are arguably the most important element of SEO. Backlinks are valuable for providing referral traffic, which is when users find your content by being referred to it on another website they are visiting.
Also, as we mentioned before the “Crawlers” which Google uses search specifically for backlinks and use that information in their search engine ranking algorithm.
It is clear that the more backlinks a website has the higher Google will place it on the search results.

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What is guest posting?
Guest Posting is writing published on a blog by an author who publishes a different blog. – Taken from Computer Hope.
Nowadays the usage of guest posts has become more common among people who try to market their businesses and interests.

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It is important to mention that the campaigns are White-hat SEO strategies because they don’t try to deceive search engines or manipulate the search engine’s algorithm.

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