Accessily Versus Taboola: Which is Best for Digital Marketing (Updated 2024)

What is Taboola? 

Taboola focuses on promoting content through native advertising. Native advertising is advertising that blends in with the format of the website on which the advertising is being done. For example, a Taboola advertisement can be a sponsored article on a news website that is designed to look like the other articles on the page. In this way, the content is exposed to large targeted audiences based on the type of visitor typical of the site being advertised on. However, these advertisements are still clearly sponsored and most web users can spot that immediately. 

This clearly sponsored content thus lacks the credibility and trustworthiness to many viewers. In addition, these types of posts are often low quality and spammy which further reduces the trust of viewers. 

How is Guest Posting Different? 

Guest Posting does not aim to dupe viewers into thinking that content originates from one site when it does not. Instead, guest posting allows you to create a genuine post on another trustworthy website. The authenticity of guest posting sets it apart from the type of content marketing that is done by Taboola. Accessily allows you to easily and efficiently create guest posts that reach your target audience by searching for opportunities through our marketplace or using our smart campaign algorithm. 

What about SEO? 

Another major difference between Taboola and Accessily relates to SEO. Taboola uses JavaScript Plugins to promote content on other websites. Javascript plugins do not create backlinks. In addition, the spammy nature of this content reflects that it is not written using SEO best practices. Thus, using Taboola has a negligible or moderately negative effect on the SEO of your site. 

Guest Posting with Accessily allows you to create powerful backlinks to your site from high-authority domain sites. The creation of these backlinks improves your site’s search engine ranking position. This will increase organic traffic to your site generating new leads and customers. Accessily provides detailed SEO reports and backlink tracking to make it easy to measure your ROI.  

Closing Thoughts:

Guest Posting with Accessily provides many of the same audience reaching benefits as Taboola but with added authenticity and with additional SEO benefits, making it a more measurable and efficient investment.

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