Writing a Press Release for an Event: The Complete Guide

A Press release is a statement that is delivered to the media, customers or any other audience, with the purpose of providing information about an event that is about to happen.
The main aim of a press release is to create interest among its readers to attend to the event.

Why it is important to do a press release?
There could be a few reasons why Companies and organization should do a press release:
1. Getting media coverage – Getting media coverage is important when your company wants to reach bigger audiences when releasing a new product.

2. Improving the Brand’s image – It is important to do a press release when building the brand’s reputation and you want to reach a wider audience.

3. Handling with a crisis – If things are not going too well, it is important the organization/company will be the first to breakdown with the news.

4. Generating more backlinks to a website – When publishing a new report/blog and you want a reliable source to link back from his website.

When writing a press release there is a certain format you should follow:

Headline – A strong and catchy headline is one of the best ways to gather the reader’s attention and create interest among them to keep reading what your press release is about.

Summary – Write between 2-3 sentences on what the press release document will be talking about. It will be much easier to write the body of the text when you have laid your key ideas.

Body – Up to 2 or 3 paragraphs. At the beginning of the body text, you should write about how the attendants will benefit from coming.
You can use the body to mention some of the company’s history and how it is related to the upcoming event.
Anything that you think is important to mention the body is the place for placing it.

Boilerplate Text- A text that is used after the body, the text should include company details, what is the company’s vision.
The text can also contain so key figures in the organization.
The main goal of the text is to deliver how you want your organization to be looked at by others.

Contact Information – At the end of the press release, leave a way to reach out to you like Mail/ website address or any other way to reach out and get more details.

Now, let’s talk about some recommendations on how a press release should be written:

1. The Beginning – Make the first sentences you write really interesting you can grab the reader’s interest and make them want to read the whole press release.

2. Language – Write with a professional tone, no slang, no trying to make a sales pitch out of the press release, it may turn people off from attending to the occasion.
Also, make sure there are no spelling mistakes in the document.

3. Length – A Press release should be no more than 1 page (300-800 words).

4. Timing – Make sure you send the press release document at the right time.
If you send your press release document people might forget about the event. You don’t want to send your press release document too late either for the reason people are busy and might have scheduled some other plans for that time you set up your event.

5. Interest – Find a point that will actually make people want to attend your event.

6. Don’t Give Everything – You still want people to attend your event, so don’t expose all the information in the press release.
Let them have the hunger to come and be in your event.

7. Links – Using too many links over the document might turn off people checking them because they might look at the links and think to themselves if there are so many they are not so important.

8. Mobile – Make sure your press release document will be available to be read on the mobile phone since most of the people nowadays using their phones to read messages, answering emails, and available for most of their time on a daily basis.

9. Photo – Including a photo on the document is always a good idea, it creates more interest among the readers to look into the document and read it until the end.

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