“Create” Panel Guide

At the top of the screen is the “Create” Panel, which will help you with navigation towards all of the things you can create by using our platform.

Now let’s break down every option and elaborate on them:

“Guest Posts”
By clicking on the option you will be redirected into the Marketplace section of Blogs and sites that are available for guest posting.

“Press Releases”
Redirects you to the Marketplace’s press releases section, revealing all of the sites that are currently available for press-release purposes.
Generally the sites that presented on this section are Top-Quality, which means it might take a while until they get posted, you can see how long it will take on the listing’s page.

“Instagram Shoutouts”
Redirects you to the section in the marketplace, where there are all of the Infuencers that are available for promoting your products/agendas.

“Social media Posts”
A scheduling tool that enables you to manage your social media account.

In case you are interested to use this tool make sure that your Social media accounts are linked to the platform. (Can be done via the “Settings” section)

At the top of the page you will be asked to schedule the date and the time(Hour & Minute) the content will be posted.

After you have scheduled the date & time, you will need to select the Social media channels that are relevant to you between the 3 options: Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook.

Of course more than 1 social media channel can be selected.

At the bottom of the page you will have the option to create & arrange the base content for the posts.
Images, videos, and GIFs and be added to the base content.

Once you have finished working on the base content, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom and the post will be scheduled according to the information you have filled in.

This option will redirect you into the marketplace part where you can purchase various pieces of content, including articles.

This option will enable you the opportunity to Launch a Campaign.

The Campaign is a “Managed Service Program” where our team creates orders on your behalf based on the guidelines & a Monthly budget you have filled in.

In case you need any assistance with filling in the Campaign form questions, please email:
[email protected] and he will assist you with everything you need in order to get started.

Once your campaign information has been filled in our team will take action and create the orders for your campaign as soon as possible.

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