The Marketplace- An advanced Guide

Hello Everyone,

In this guide we will discuss about tips and advices on how to use the marketplace.

Let’s start with the “Cart” feature.

The “Cart” can be accessed by 3 different methods:
1. By clicking on the “Cart” icon at the top of the marketplace.

2. When Adding an item you have found interesting click the “Add to cart”

After clicking on the “Add To Cart” option, there will be a “View Cart”/”Continue Shopping options.

3. The final option to view the cart can be found on the “Checkout” (The payment page) before filling in the final details.

Comparing other offers for the same site:
First of all, find a site you are interested in.

You will be redirected into the listing page, the default name you will have the option to order from is the seller with the most orders completed for the specific site.

Scroll down the page, until you see an option named “Compare offers from (Site’s name) contributors”.

Then a list with all of the sellers that are currently available for the site will be opened
In order to see more information about the seller’s Offer (Number of links he can offer, Success Rate, Total orders record and more), click on the “Down Arrow” on the right side.

In order to change the seller that his offer is being shown on the listing’s page, click on the empty area in the middle of the line.

You can check the seller’s profile by clicking on his name on the left.

It is important to know that if you have a subscription you can contact the sellers of the sites before deciding if you would like to order from their services.

You will be redirected into their profile, and from their profile, you will have the option to see the sites they are offering, and contacting him through the “Send Private Message option”.

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