Step by Step Guest Post Campaign: Increase SEO and Traffic in 2022![tutorial]

What is a Guest Post Campaign?

A guest post is when content related to your website is posted on another reliable website. Guest posting has lots of benefits from increasing referral traffic to your website to improving overall SEO by providing powerful backlinks.

An Accessily campaign takes all of the hard work out of guest posting and allows you to automate a major element of your SEO strategy! The campaign works by matching your website with Guest Post opportunities using our smart algorithm. All you have to do is easily set the parameters and the rest of the guest posting work is done for you!

Guest Posting Campaign Benefits

This strategy combines the power of SEO and content marketing by providing backlinks and sharing your unique brand voice through new channels! Guest Posting provides a lot of positive results for your website, including:

  • Generating New Customers: You can draw in individuals from specific niches with interesting and relevant information that links them back to your business. 
  • Increasing Sales: You will create valuable content for consumers that leads them to your site and this increased traffic to your website boosts sales and revenues.
  • Building Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty: When you deliver content that shapes your brand voice and image it allows customers to form a relationship with your business that lasts. In addition, you are able to leverage credibility from the trustworthiness of the sites you post on, increasing your own credibility!
  • Improving SEO: Guest Posts provide links back to your website and this makes search engines trust your website more and rank it more highly!

Campaign Pros

  • Customizable: Every aspect of the post is under your control from the target audience to the content type.
  • Affordable: You can set whatever budget works for your business. Also investing in SEO is cheaper than traditional advertising!
  • Easy: Once set up, the campaign automates all of the benefits of Guest Posting!

Step By Step Campaign Tutorial

Before You Start: Campaign Research

Keyword/Anchor Text Research

Keywords are the words that people enter into search engines that lead them to certain websites and they are related to the main purpose of a search. Keywords for your content should relate to your website and what it would be most likely searched for.

In addition, you want to rank highly on search results for relevant keywords to increase website traffic. When you select keywords for your they will be used as anchor text. Anchor text is the text that will contain the backlink to your website. When you are doing keyword research it is helpful to look for relevant words with high search volume and low keyword difficulty. This information can be determined on a number of free tools online! In addition, our team can help direct you to the right resources.

Choosing the Right Pages for Backlinks

Since websites have many pages it is important to determine which URLs you want your guest posts to backlink to. Many people assume that the homepage is the best choice but that is not always the case. You want the webpage in the backlink to be very relevant to keywords and to provide a call to action for individuals that click through. This will optimize your success!

Confused? Free Strategy Call and Demo!

If you are unsure when doing research, Accessily can help! We provide free SEO strategy calls for our customers to help them succeed on our platform. You can schedule a demo of our platform or a strategy call here if you need any help.

When you are ready to get started you can just follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Name Your Campaign and Choose Your Objective

In this step, you simply name the guest post campaign for your reference and then select your main objective. The SEO driven campaign is more focused on improving the ranking of your website powerful backlinks. The traffic driven campaign focuses on increasing the visitors to your website through clicks on the backlink in the Guest Post. By selecting one of these main objectives our algorithm is able to better select appropriate guest post opportunities to match your goals! It is important to note that even though you emphasize one goal here, guest posts still provide both traffic and SEO benefits!

Step 2: Set Your Budget

This step is pretty straight forward, you decide your budget for the campaign overall and per each guest post. The campaign will never spend more than your monthly budget, but the price per post varies within the appropriate range that you set.

Step 3: Define Your Target Audience

This step is very important for relevancy! You select the industry your website is in and thus define the target audience based on this industry.

Step 4: Design Your Guest Post Content

In this step, you select the exact types of content that you want your guest posts to be (you can select multiple types and set parameters for how many of each type). You also describe your content so that if you select our content writing service the writers are able to write content that fits your brand. You also select the anchor text and Backlink webpages in this step so that your guest posts provide the SEO benefits that you desire!

Step 5: Keep Track of Your Results!

Then you simply submit your payment information and start seeing results! Our platform provides detailed data on the traffic generated by guest posts and other important metrics. This way you are able to evaluate your investment easily!

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