Press Release SEO 2022: Accomplish Your Press Release Goals the Best Way

Press Release SEO

What Is a Press Release SEO?

A press release is an official statement from a business or website giving interesting information about a noteworthy event. The purpose of a press release is to spread relevant information to other websites or to journalists.

Companies have press release SEO for many reasons:

  • To build their reputation.
  • To gain media coverage.
  • To gain links from reputable news websites
  • To increase organic traffic

Press Release Benefits

SEO Press Release are popular for a good reason, a well-written and well-researched press release can be extremely beneficial as it creates media buzz.

Positive outcomes from a successful press release include:

These benefits also impact SEO, by making a website look more authoritative to search engines as backlinks and traffic increase. This is a positive feedback loop, as the website gets more exposure it will rank more highly which will lead to even more exposure through search.

What are Good Press Release Topics?

Press releases should be noteworthy and interesting so that they can generate engagement and traffic.

Some examples of good press release topics:

  • A new and upcoming event
  • A specially conducted study on something relevant to your audience
  • A new product or service
  • A significant change to an existing product or service

Top Tips to Optimize Press Releases for SEO

Focus on Keywords

Google and other search engines rank web pages by crawling them for certain key terms, so you want to make sure your press release has the right keywords to be relevant to searches. Identify the keywords most relevant to your press release topic and website and then use these keywords strategically. They should be in the headline of the press release, any subheadings, and even in image captions.

Use a Readable Format

Use bullet points, numbers, lists, and subheads that break up the text. Avoid writing blocky paragraphs, and instead, try to use shorter, more condensed paragraphs. This will make your content more searchable and organized.

Choose the Right URLs for Backlinks

After you’ve determined your main keywords, identify the links that correspond best to those terms. Ideally, these links would be landing pages that you want to drive traffic to, and that has some sort of sales funnel attached to it. For example, if your press release is announcing a new product line, link to the product landing page behind one of their keywords, rather than their home page or a recent blog post.

Incorporate Images

“Users remember only 10% of the information they read after three days of consuming that content. With added visuals, their memory power increase by 65%.” Use images to make your press release more memorable.

Are Press Releases for SEO Still Relevant Today?

The short answer?


However, the more important consideration is why you’re sending a press release SEO.

Is it to:

  • Inform people of a big event your company is hosting, so they’ll come and check it out?
  • Announce the release of a new product?
  • Gain attention for your brand?
  • Prevent a crisis from exploding?

If yes, go ahead and write that press release! This type of press release has relevant and interesting information that makes it great for press release SEO.

How to Share Press Releases with

Press Releases are published to a website’s blog or a dedicated landing page and then sent to journalists. Then the press release is in the hands of the journalists and will hopefully be shared, but this is not always the case.

However, a great way to ensure the success of your press release is to create an Accessily guest post-campaign for your guest post. You can input the press release keywords and backlink URLs and then input the relevant target audience.

Then the campaign will match your press release with relevant websites and automatically generate guest posts leading to backlink creation, increased traffic, and increased SEO!

Accessily Replaces Press Release SEO Distribution

Are you looking for a press release SEO distribution strategy? Look no further: Accessily the best press release services you can use to get your content in front of relevant audiences.

Any press release SEO distribution service can get your content on some websites, but only a great press release distribution service can get you on premium online publishers, high traffic websites, and also ensure the highest quality backlinks that generate powerful SEO improvements and increase traffic to your website. (Not to brag but we’re great like that) 

What is Accessily?

Accessily is the first and leading guest post marketplace platform with a mission of simplifying SEO for everyone. Guest posting is an incredible tool for off-page SEO, press release distribution, link building, content marketing, and brand awareness. You can tap into the power of guest posting easily and quickly by exploring our platform and starting today. Amazing online success is in reach for you, and it’s only a few clicks away. 

What is Guest Posting? 

Guest posting is content about your site posted on another site, this can be a blog post, an article, or another form of content. This content can also be the content of a press release on major news for your business. This unique method combines the benefits of content marketing with the benefits of SEO for a majorly impressive return on investment. Guest Posts include powerful backlinks that supercharge off-page SEO. 

How It Works (Hint: It’s super easy and effective) 

Press releases drive traffic and sales to websites, especially when they are released on a variety of premium high traffic websites. Accessily’s press release distribution services take the hassle out of reaching out to online publishers by collecting all the highest quality guest post sellers on one marketplace and also providing a fully automated campaign option. This way you can easily and effectively distribute your press releases to relevant high traffic websites you are interested in. 

#1 The Guest Post Marketplace: 

Our marketplace makes finding unique online publishers easy, by putting them all in one place. Find a new path to reach your niche audience in moments by browsing through our extensive catalog of websites that accept guest posts! This makes it the best online press release distribution software. 

Advantages of the Marketplace 

  • Unique guest posting opportunities with +15,000 publishers 
  • Ability to target niche audiences through specific industry publishers 
  • Easy creation of high-quality backlinks to improve SEO 
  • Easy method of increasing referral traffic and conversion through guest posts 
  • Easy method of press release distribution

#2 The Guest Post Campaign 

Easy and Effective, the guest post campaign is the automated option for using the Accessily platform. In a few easy steps, you can get relevant guest posts throughout the month without lifting a finger. 

  1. Build a custom campaign based on your preferences and objectives 
  2. Get matched with the perfect guest posting opportunity using our powerful algorithm based on over 50 relevant parameters 
  3. Start reaching new audiences with relevant content and watch your customer base grow! 

Best Press Release Distribution Services 

You can search our massive inventory of high domain authority sites in almost every niche you can think of. Then you can hand-pick pages to guest post on for your press release distribution, or you can automate your press release distribution with customizable guest post campaigns. 


If you take the time to write compelling and engaging press releases that are genuinely newsworthy, then the process of press release distribution will be worth your time. When a press release gages the attention of a journalist, news source, or publication, it will provide exceptional visibility and SEO benefits.

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