Why You Need Influencer Generated Content in 2024 + Amazing Viral Influencer Content Ideas

Influencer Generated Content Marketing 

Of all the marketing channels available online today you may be wondering why you need influencer marketing or influencer generated content. The truth is that in the congested digital marketing landscape of today it is essential to stand out! Influencer generated content marketing is one of the most popular and successful types of content marketing being used today by both brands and marketers. 

Another reason you need influencer generated content marketing is to stay on trend with your competitors! The influencer marketing industry has more than doubled between 2018 and 2024, so you need to keep up with the times. If influencers are talking about all the brands and businesses except yours it may be a red flag to your target audience. Social media is having more and more impact on what consumers buy and influencer generated content can help you connect with your target audience. 

Over the past few years, the increase in influence of social media has led marketers to put a strong emphasis on user-generated content, like reviews, in order to supply users with a relatable source to help them make decisions.

Basically, interactions that potential customers have with other consumers on social media produce organic, highly-reputable information on your business. For example, when you see a friend use a beauty product and rave about it on their Instagram page, you immediately know that those beauty products are good and you automatically develop trust for that line of products. 

With influencers, these types of interactions happen on a larger scale. Many people create a parasocial relationship with influencers, they relate to them and trust them deeply. Thus, when an influencer gives a genuine review or shouts out to a brand that they like, this holds a lot of weight with their audience. In fact, influencer generated content has all of the benefits of user-generated content with double or even triple the reach and impact. 

What is Influencer Generated Content? And How is it Different than Other Content Marketing 

Influencer generated content is when brands work with influencers to create content that promotes their products and services on social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Quora and more. 

Influencers are social media personalities that typically specialize in a particular niche. For example, there are “beauty guru” influencers who focus on makeup and skincare and “fitfluencers” who focus on fitness and health. 

Influencer generated content is different from official news content and from user-generated content and from brand-generated content. With influencer generated content, brands discover influencers whose interests, values, and audiences align with those of the brands’ to promote their products and services.

This differs from user-generated content, where everyday users of a brand often post about it on social media to their friends, relatives, and colleagues because the influencers have a much larger and more niche audience. Brands can utilize an influencer to generate their own content tailored to be promoted directly to the consumer. This makes it an extremely effective marketing tool because it can be very targeted to a specific niche audience and it can be custom designed to be relatable and interesting to that audience. 

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Influencer Generated Content is High Quality

Influencers are professionals! Many of them often make a living from their promotion of products and services through brand deals. They are experienced and able to create interesting, high-quality content for their audiences. Brand deals bring about both opportunity and status in the industry so they are attracted and open to these opportunities to monetize their platforms but also grow their audience. 

The growing relevance of social media influencers has led to a shift in consumer behavior. Whether it’s fashion, music, fitness, travel, or any other niche, influencers have quite literally become the modern-day taste-makers of this generation. They invoke huge trust with consumers because of the influence they have on the purchasing decisions of their audience.

Also getting attention on social media is increasingly more difficult as users flood platforms and paid ad ROI depreciates with repetition. To retain the authenticity that users demand, social platforms increasingly favor the efforts of creative experts like influencers. These creative experts consistently publish compelling content and can curate a fan base around a particular lifestyle or set of values. Some of these users are photographers, videographers, and bloggers, but many of them are ordinary people with a unique voice that cuts through the “social noise.” The demand for authenticity is such that brands can’t compete with influencer content on consumer news feeds without help from those influencers. 

The Value of Influencer-Generated Content

An influencer is a social media personality with an online community of at least 1,000 followers on any given social channel. The influencer is a trusted source to their community and actively engages with them. Audiences look to influencers for inspiration and information, which includes purchase recommendations. 

The Biggest Benefits of Influencer Content include:

  • Bolstering Brand credibility
  • Lower costs than in-house content creation
  • Building Authenticity
  • Increased social media presence 
  • Interacting with engaged consumers
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased customer loyalty and trust 

 Influencer Content Ideas that Could Go Viral! 

So now that you know the power of influencer generated content let’s take a look at some ways that you can craft amazing influencer generated content with the influencers that you collaborate with. 

Content Ideas: 

  • Product reviews
  • FAQs & How-to tutorials

How-To and FAQ Content

Particularly on YouTube, “how-to” tutorials are among the most-watched types of content online today. Additionally, instructions and product questions are frequent searches on Google. After an influencer post a tutorial or question-answer post on their social channel, you can embed that post or video into sections of your website. This is also very effective on long form content mediums like Quora. 

Product Reviews

Consumers love watching influencers unbox products or compare several products at once. These videos help your customers make smart purchases and they are also used to create anticipation and inspire the users to get these interesting new products.

You can also include these product reviews on your home page or reshare them on your social media profile! Instagram reels are exploding online and this is one of the best options for product review posts because they grab the audience’s attention and provide concise but effective reviews. 

Influencer Generated Content Can Include Quality Backlinks

Blogger influencers can greatly contribute to your website’s search engine rankings. Not only will they drive traffic to your website, but if the influencer’s website has a high domain authority, then a backlink to your site could raise your domain authority, too. Also, backlinks from certain social media platforms can be very effective for SEO purposes, especially backlinks on websites such as Quora that are heavily content-based. 

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Accesily Influencer Generated Content Marketing Solution 

Accessily has a robust marketplace of influencers ready to work with brands and businesses of all sizes. They are all in one place, open to brand deals, and are transparent with the price of their content. This makes the process super easy and intuitive! You just need to search the marketplace with your niche in mind and then purchase a post from the influencer that fits your goals.  

Let’s take you through an example on Quora, but this can be done for all of the social platforms that Accessily has. 

How to Create Quora Influencer Generated Content with Accessily 

First you click on the Accessily marketplace and scroll to the social post section on the bottom of the page. Then you select the platform Quora and you will be able to search through the many Quora influencers who offer guest posts. 

You can carefully review the seller profiles to see which Quora accounts have the most relevant expertise and answer questions in your niche. Then you can compare the analytics provided by the different sellers including their follower numbers, average answer views, average shares and average upvotes. 

You can also read samples of their writing by clicking on their Quora profiles to make sure that the guest post answers will match the tone of the influencer generated content that you wish to produce. 

You can also look at the type of questions the Quora profiles already answered to see if there is overlap in content between their existing content and your desired content so that the influencer generated content will look authentic and organic.

After researching the right Quora profile and making a decision, you simply use the marketplace to purchase influencer guest posts through the seller that best matches your needs.  

The rest is history as they say! You can sit back and relax as the results lead to a positive inflow of traffic, increased brand awareness, and more.

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