How to Scale Backlinking through Guest Posting

No matter what anyone says, backlinks that point to your site are still really valuable. It is best to diversify the links so that they are coming from several different sources, especially high domain authority ones. There are several ways to obtain links. Here are a few:

  • Comment links
  • Press releases
  • Purchase links from a service
  • Organic backlinks
  • Broken link building
  • Guest posting

Grab those backlinks

I am almost positive that you have commented on several articles and posts. If you have not, it is a simple process. You register on the site, and they will have a field where you can provide a link to your website. You comment as normal, and usually, your username will be hyperlinked.

The only problem with comment links is that they are usually no-follow links.

Press releases are another great way to promote your site. The article will be distributed to several websites that have large audiences. Once again, the drawback here is that these links are usually no-follow.

You can always purchase links from a service. You don’t always know what you will get here, as the links may come from spammy websites.

On the other hand, organic backlinks are really good links, but the links that you will acquire naturally will appear over time. You cannot plan for the number of links you will get.

Broken link building is a great way to acquire links. If you are browsing websites and you find broken links on a specific site, contact the site owner to let them know. Once you have communication with the site owner, just ask if you can get a link to your site, especially if it’s a 1 for 1 replacement for the broken link.

There are many more methods to obtain backlinks, some are white hat and some, well…not so much.

Guest Posting

Let’s take a closer look at guest posting. When done correctly, guest posting can open up your site to a whole new audience. Providing compelling guest posts will drive traffic to your site, as readers would probably like to read more of your work.

In addition to the immediate bump in traffic, you will also get the “link juice” that all of your guest posts will bring.

The process of securing guest posts can be rewarding yet time-consuming.  Let’s take a look at the normal technique to acquire guest posts.

You will need to do your homework and create a list of websites that are within a similar subject matter. There are several Google queries that will yield results. “[your niche] guest post” is one idea.

Once you have a list of websites, you will need to reach out to the site’s main point of contact and ask if you can write a guest post for their website.

Quite honestly, this is a numbers game, as you will have to send out a good amount of emails and wait until the site owner responds. For every 100 emails, only 1 is likely to respond.

They can get back to you on the same day, or they may get back to you in three weeks. Either way, this method can take a while to get a flow of backlinks for your site. 

The better way is to streamline the process

Marketplaces match the buyers with the sellers. What if there were a guest post marketplace that did exactly that? Meet Accessily – the better way to guest post!

Accessily provides a way to scale backlinking through guest posting. For someone who wants to submit guest posts, this is the fastest way to get backlinks.

All you have to do is choose your category, and you will instantly see all of the sites that fit your subject matter.

Choose the sites you want, and you are good to go!

The site publishers are quick to respond within the platform and everyone’s happy that way.

Because this is a service, you will also be able to get website data, like domain authority and a traffic overview, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Can you think of a more efficient way to scale your guest post process?

I want to spend my time taking care of the business of my website. I do not want to constantly send hundreds of emails out to sites that may or may not allow guest posts on their websites.

A Marketplace is the place to be

The smart way to go:

  • Browse a marketplace 
  • Review website statistics
  • Chat with the publisher of the site
  • Choose the websites and submit your guest posts

It’s a new, exciting, and easy to use platform. It saves you months of work and reduces the process to just days. And it gets you ranking at the top!

It does not get any better than that!