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SEO Benefits of Guest Posting (Updated 2022)

SEO Benefits of Guest Posting 

Guest posting is when you post content about your website on a third-party website. This can be an article that recommends your service, a general article about a topic related to your website that mentions your website in a relevant section, etc. This is extremely useful for many marketing reasons from expanded exposure to building authority through trustworthy websites promoting your brand. But, more than that, it is an incredible way to improve your SEO. 

Guest Posting is Super Important for SEO

Guest Posting is a great way to improve the SEO on your website for a number of reasons, from obvious reasons like increasing backlinks to more indirect ways like increasing traffic and website visibility which can both impact SEO positively. 

SEO Benefits of Guest Posting

  • Backlinks! 
    • Backlinks embedded in guest post content are an extremely valuable SEO asset and arguably the most important of the SEO benefits from guest posting.
  • Referral Traffic
    • This may not seem like a major SEO benefit at first but increased traffic can have a positive SEO feedback loop. 
  • Website Visibility 
    • Another less obvious but powerful benefit of guest posting that can improve SEO. 
  • Improving Your Online Influence 
    • Similar to website visibility, becoming a trusted influencer online is a great way to boost SEO. 

SEO Benefits: Backlinks

Backlinks are the most recognized way to improve off-page SEO. The more relevant and high authority websites that link to your website the more Google is likely to recognize the relevance and authority of your website. 

Backlinks from guest posting are especially powerful because they appear in the context of valuable content, rather than simply being a footnote or link in a comment. The context of the backlink is important because the relevant keywords of the anchor text and within the article bolster the connection that Google has between that content and your website.

Basically, if you are mentioned in many articles about sports drinks and your website sells sports drinks, Google will begin to view you as more of an authority on that topic and this can directly impact your ranking for keywords related to sports drinks. This means that not only do you get the basic benefit of another website linking to your website, signaling to Google that your website has high authority, but you also get specific SEO benefits related to your niche. 

Essentially, you can get even more bang for your marketing buck by targeting your guest posts to websites with the same niche or specific landing pages related to your niche. You can also gain amazing benefits from variety-news websites with high authority. Either strategy leads to powerful and effective backlink creation that has a direct and meaningful impact on SEO. 

SEO Benefits: Referral Traffic 

Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. When you create a guest post, you share content on other authority websites but ultimately reap the benefits for your own website.  The backlinks from guest posts increase your website’s visibility to a new audience which leads to new referral traffic.

This not only improves your traffic directly but actually improves your SEO and future organic traffic as well. Why is this? Well, when more people click on a website and spend time there, Google understands that this website is relevant and that increases its search engine ranking, so more referral traffic now can lead to more organic traffic later. That’s a huge win-win! 

This benefit is even more powerful the more relevant, genuine, and helpful the content you provide to the readers is, both within the guest post and on your website. This is because the better the guest post content is the more likely the reader is to investigate further and click on backlinks, and the better your website content the more time the reader will spend on your website. When users spend a good amount of time on your website, this itself is likely to lead to SEO benefits. Also, this makes it more likely for users to remember and return to your website, which reduces your bounce rate and also helps improve SEO. 

SEO Benefits: Website Visibility 

As long as you are producing high-quality guest posts, the chances of your website ranking improving are huge. Not only do you gain the previously mentioned SEO benefits but also if people like, share, or comment on the guest post, this also helps you improve your search engine ranking even more! 

Website visibility also helps by establishing your website as an authority. Guest posting is one of the most effective ways of building your business authority. People trust your brand if you have published quality content on websites that they know and follow. Building authority for your business is not easy because creating trust on the internet is difficult. Your audience will trust you more if you share valuable content that is backed up by convincing arguments and facts. 

So, how does building authority with your audience help SEO? This comes back again to traffic. If you become a trusted source for your audience they will visit your website again and again and spend significant time on your website. This will signal to Google that your website is extremely relevant in your field and will help you skyrocket your search engine ranking, leading to even more traffic! This positive feedback loop is an incredible one of the SEO benefits of guest posting. 

SEO Benefits of Guest Posting: Improves Your Online Influence

These days, people trust online influencers more than advertisements. You can also become an online influencer when you’ve created several highly informative, engaging, and top-quality guest posts. With guest posting, you can connect with readers that are on another website.

Once you have established your website as an industry expert and online influencer, that trust will open up many new opportunities. The new traffic that you divert to your website as an online influence will be highly relevant, which means that those users are more likely to engage with your website, whether that means purchasing a product or service from your online store, clicking your affiliate links, or engaging with your online content.

This type of value is incredible for your website, your business, and for your SEO. And isn’t the goal of SEO to result in your website being used the way it is intended! Guest posting can get you to this point in an efficient way! 

Guest Posting for SEO Benefits with Accessily

SEO Benefits with the Marketplace 

Browsing the Accessily marketplace is an easy way to start guest posting and getting amazing SEO benefits. The marketplace has many features that make it easy to find the guest posts with the best metrics based on your website and your SEO or traffic goals. 

The Accessily Guest Post Marketplace

Preference Selection Process

Our marketplace has over +15,000 high-quality Guest Post publishers, so there is a perfect and relevant SEO boosting option for every website! The preference section that you fill in the first time you browse the marketplace makes it easy to find guest post options in your niche! This information is then used to custom curate the marketplace results bringing the most relevant publisher up. This preference selection thus helps to curate guest posts opportunities for each of our unique customers and make sure that you gain the most from your guest post. 

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filter Options Including: Price, Domain Authority, Languages, Publisher Information, Website Type

Another way to ensure that you can select the best guest post option for you is by using our advanced filters. You can filter the results to fit your particular budget, domain authority range, language and website type, by inputting the desired metrics into the top of the Marketplace results page. Whatever type of Guest Post you need Accessily can help you find it! 

Live Analytics

We want you to have the most up-to-date information when you use Accessily. For that reason, we have live google analytics to our website listings. You can see the real-time traffic to the websites to help inform your decision. You can also see the domain authority and page authority of the website for each guest post opportunity. 

DIY Option 

Overall, the marketplace is the DIY option that allows you to fully customize your guest post choices with full transparency. You can use this option with our Accessily Basic membership and have access to 24 results, or you can get our Accessily Plus membership and have unlimited and unrestricted access to the entire marketplace! With a little bit of searching, this option allows you to create powerful backlinks on high-authority websites that are relevant to your niche, perfect for SEO! 

SEO Benefits with the Packages 

Another great way to gain SEO benefits through guest posting is by selecting a guest post package. This new option allows sellers in the marketplace to bundle together relevant guest posts in a certain niche so that you get an amazing deal!  

This option is great because you can get more quality guest posts with half of the research time, and they are already curated for specific purposes such as Business Niche Bundles or Health Niche Bundles. 

You can search the package page and find a set of guest posts that suits your specific goals and improves your SEO and traffic! 

SEO Benefits with the Managed Service Campaign 

This option takes all the work of searching the marketplace or the package option, out of your hands and into ours! The managed service option allows you to get personalized strategy advice from one of our experienced account managers who will create a customized campaign for you based on your specific industry and goals. The different plans in the managed service each have features that can help you succeed in hitting all of your SEO goals! 

You can set up a Starter Guest Post campaign on your own following these steps, or you can have step-by-step support and custom research provided to you using any of the higher tier campaign options! 

Step 1: Select Your Campaign Type and Name Your Campaign 

In this step, you choose the type of managed service campaign that you want based on the benefits that are most important to you. At this stage, you also set your budget and your target price per guest post. These are both elements that you can get custom strategy advice on from our team if you need any assistance! Then you name the guest post campaign for your reference and continue to the next step. 

Step 2: Choose Your Objective 

In this step, you select your main objective. The SEO-driven campaign is more focused on improving the ranking of your website’s powerful backlinks. The traffic-driven campaign focuses on increasing the visitors to your website through clicks on the backlink in the Guest Post. By selecting one of these main objectives our algorithm is able to better select appropriate guest post opportunities to match your goals! It is important to note that even though you emphasize one goal here, guest posts still provide both traffic and SEO benefits!

Step 3: Define Your Target Audience

This step is very important for relevancy! You select the industry your website is in and thus define the target audience based on this industry.

Step 4: Design Your Guest Post Content

In this step, you select the exact types of content that you want your guest posts to be, whether they are only on websites or whether they also include social guest posts. You also describe your content so that if you select our content writing service the writers are able to write content that fits your brand.

You also select the anchor text and backlink web pages in this step so that your guest posts provide the SEO benefits that you desire! This is another step where you can get customized strategy support from our team of experienced account managers if you select the higher tier managed support options, which can help you maximize the impact of your guest post campaign results. 

Step 5: Keep Track of Your Results!

Then you simply submit your payment information and start seeing results! Our platform provides detailed data on the traffic generated by guest posts and other important metrics. This way you are able to evaluate your investment easily!

SEO Benefits with Accessily 

Whether you choose the DIY marketplace option, the package option, or the managed service option you are certain to find relevant and powerful guest post options that will provide you with backlinks, increased referral traffic, increased website visibility, and improved online influence, basically all of the most essential SEO benefits. This strategy for gaining SEO benefits is the most efficient and affordable solution available today, so make sure to take advantage of it and get started today! 

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