Impressive Quora Guest Post Case Study (2022))

What is Quora?

This active social platform is basically a forum for anyone to post questions on any topic and get answers from the Quora community. Community experts provide focused answers to popular questions and people are able to get free answers and solutions to their questions. Quora Guest Posting is when you have popular Quora accounts incorporate your website into answers to relevant questions.

This site is massively popular, it is ranked #345 in traffic out of all sites in the U.S and #357 most popular site worldwide! Quora has over 300 million monthly users, and nearly 40 million questions asked. The sheer number of people who visit the site makes it an incredibly useful social platform for businesses and marketers to use. 

Why Should I use Quora?

According to Quora about page, Quora’s mission is to: 

“Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. We want to connect the people who have the knowledge to the people who need it.”  

This mission is very similar to the mission of search engines like Google, which want to connect users with valuable information that they search for online. So naturally, with this overlap, it makes sense that a site like Quora would rank highly on Google and affect the rankings and SEO of websites mentioned on their platform. If Quora has the best answer to a question then Google will make sure users see that answer! Quora Guest Posts are great because search engines love good answers, so they are great for visibility.

In Quora style let’s jump into how this matters to you. 

Question: How can you use Quora to benefit your business or website? 

Answer: Quora Guest Posts, let’s see why below! 

Why is Quora a good place to guest post? 

Quora is designed with an active engaged audience in mind. Users can ask any questions they want and provide answers to any questions, meaning that they usually go onto the site with a specific topic in mind. Essentially the audience on Quora is already looking for answers and solutions, and they will be very clear in their questions about what they are trying to find out. This presents an amazing opportunity for businesses and websites to find a very receptive and very large target audience that is already open to new ideas, services, and products!

Plus, it is easy to pinpoint niche audiences by using keywords and topic clusters of questions. Let’s say that you own a landscaping business and you have a lot of gardening expertise, there are hundreds of gardening-related questions on Quora that provide a perfect starting point for engagement. A Quora Guest Post answering a tricky gardening question and mentioning your landscaping company can generate major exposure and it builds goodwill with your potential customer base.

Why You Should Quora Guest Post

Quora Guest Post VS DIY 

You may be thinking, why do I need to guest post on Quora instead of simply making your own account and answering questions? Quora Guest Posting provides a variety of benefits that can not be achieved from a single new account. Posting on your own can be a good strategy to get started but it does not yield the same results for a few main reasons that we will discuss here:

#1 Quora Influencer Accounts 

Like other social media platforms, Quora accounts can accumulate followers. This means that question answering experts on the site can grow their accounts and become influencers on the platform. 

Popular Quora accounts have a strong reputation and trustworthiness that gives their answers credibility. Many Quora accounts are experts in their niche or industry, which makes readers more likely to trust their answers and provides validity and authenticity to their posts. This means that when one of these influencers references your website or business in an answer it will already be from a trusted source. Basically, Quora guest posts provide credibility.

In addition to the trust level, these popular Quora accounts have a lot of followers and this means that their responses get high views and engagement. Quora guest posts are seen more then the average Quora answer.

Let’s take a look at one popular Quora profile that offers Guest Posts through Accessily: 

Phillip Hofmacher is an expert in the self-help and self-improvement niche. He has a successful online business and book on this topic making him an authoritative figure in this space. He has 11,000 followers on Quora and his answers have over 5,000 shares. His Quora Guest Posts get a lot of attention, engagement and prompt action. 

Here you can see a preview of one of his most answered questions: 

As you can see the post got over 18 thousand views and also got 192 upvotes and 48 shares. This type of impressive engagement on a Quora answer is definitely associated with his strong following and niche authority, which can’t be built overnight. 

In order for you to benefit from Quora using your own account you would need to spend a lot of time and energy growing your account and at the beginning this invested time will not yield results.

The amount of time necessary to grow a Quora account to a point where it is helpful in your digital marketing strategy could be excessive and may not be worth the effort. Especially when you can benefit from Quora Guest Posts quickly, easily and inexpensively.

#2 Diversity of Accounts 

Quora limits the amount that one account can post daily and it also flags accounts that answer too many questions related to the same topic in one day. If you use your own account too often to promote your website your responses will likely get flagged and removed.

Quora can collapse your answers and although you can appeal these decisions they are rarely reversed. This means that spending a lot of time promoting your website from one account is likely a waste of time because it will look suspicious and spammy to Quora and all of that time spent answering questions might be wasted on as Quora can remove them from the site. 

This isn’t an issue with guest posting because you can guest post from a variety of different Quora accounts. Not only does this allow you to benefit from popular accounts, but it also spreads out the mentions of your websites. This makes the mentions look more organic and natural to Quora and prevents them from being taken down due to suspicions of spam. 

#3 High Ranking Answers 

One of the most important benefits of guest posting on Quora rather than using your own account, is getting high ranking answers. The questions on the site get many answers and they are not treated equally. 

The answers from the most popular and trustworthy accounts are ranked higher and shown at the top while less popular ones are shown at the bottom. The order of the answers is also affected by upvotes, and answers from popular accounts get more upvotes. 

Basically, this means that if you are answering questions from a new account the answers are unlikely to be ranked highly underneath the question which means that less people will see them. This makes it harder for the answer to positively affect your website through referral traffic or brand awareness since it will reach a smaller audience. 

However guest posting through popular accounts makes it significantly more likely that the answers will be highly ranked and thus seen by a greater audience. 

Benefits of Quora Guest Posting 

  1. Increases Visibility and Brand Awareness: Quora is a powerful tool in building that kind of word-of-mouth popularity because the platform feels organic and community-oriented. 
  1. Builds Authority: Authority is important to a business for many reasons, no one will trust a business that they think does not know what they are doing. That is why sharing valuable information through Quora is so helpful, because it can establish your business and website as an expert in your niche. 
  1. Generates backlinks: Quora allows users to link to content in their questions and answers, which makes it a source for backlinks. Although the backlinks from Quora are Nofollow backlinks they still provide value in backlink diversity. 

The Real Power of Quora Guest Posts (Case Study) 

Content Marketing through Relevant Question Answering 

Quora Guest Posts are powerful because the publishers can identify super relevant questions with high viewership that convert into referral traffic, brand awareness, increased authority, and these elements will have an overall positive effect on website performance. 

Let’s get real with Guest Posting on Quora and look at some successful examples with analytics that speak for themselves. 

We started our journey with Quora 3 years ago when we first began to reach out to Quora Influencers in the SEO industry to collaborate with us on content. We went in hoping to discover whether this platform could be utilized as a digital marketing tool just as guest posting on blogs and websites. What we discovered was that it definitely could bring amazing results especially using the right accounts. 

The main Quora influencer in our case study is the popular profile of Anurag Uppal. Uppal works as a professional content marketer and promotional content writer, who writes regularly on the Quora website, where he has more than 600k content views! We collaborated with Uppal to help Accessily by guest posting on our behalf and we kept careful track of the results. Here is how it went: 

Anurag’s first step in Guest Posting for Accessily was to identify high traffic and relevant questions to answer so that the content marketing element of the guest post would be strongest! 

He selected the following relevant questions in the SEO/Guest Post niche to answer: 

  1. Does Guest Posting for Backlinks Really Work?
  2. Which are the free guest post sites?
  3. Which sites accept guest posts? 
  4. How can I get more backlinks to my website?
  5. How can I get quality backlinks for my site?
  6. What’s the best way to get backlinks?

These questions are perfect jumping-off points to guest post about Accessily, because the people interested in these questions are our target audience, businesses and website owners that want to improve their off-page SEO through backlinks or guest posting. This sets the Quora guest posts up for successful conversion because the information provided is relevant to the users and Accessily is a valuable resource related to their queries. 

Let’s jump into his answers. 

Anurag provided long informative answers for each of the questions, that fully addressed the main question and incorporated Accessily as a possible resource. This showed built credibility to readers because he provided value instead of presenting a sales pitch, but he was still able to positively present the site he was guest posting about. 

For example in response to the question “Does guest posting for backlinks really work?”, provided proof for the effectiveness of guest posting, provided information on the benefits of guest posting, and then he moved into how to guest post for backlinks. Only at this point did he mention Accessily as a resource for buying Guest Posts. 

The length of the answer and all of the valuable information built authority and made users more likely to trust his recommendation. In addition, the way he presented Accessily was organic which further increased the trustworthiness. 

This really highlights the potential of Quora for strong guest post content marketing, because there are many opportunities for organic and relevant content related to a website’s niche. Later on, we will see the analytics that backs up the effectiveness of this strategy and show the high conversion rate from trustworthy and organic Quora guest posts. 

Here we can see the organic way that Accessily was incorporated into the answer to the question: 

Let’s take a look at two more Quora Guest Post answers that successfully content marketed Accessily. 

The next one answers the question “How can I get quality backlinks for my site?”. In this answer, Arunag started by explaining that relevant industry websites are the best for quality backlinks because they are high authority and related to your website. Then smoothly introduces Accessily as a solution for easily finding quality backlink opportunities as you can see here: 

This is another example of an organic recommendation that is trustworthy and well-supported by the rest of the answer.  

Another question that Anurag Uppal answered as a Quora guest post was “Which are the free guest post sites”. This question differs from the first two because instead of focusing on backlinks specifically it focuses on where to find guest post opportunities. In his answer, Arunag first discussed why guest posting and guest blogging are good strategies and then moved into his recommendation of Accessily as the best platform to find “genuine and reliable” websites to guest post on. You can see the integration of Accessily into his answer here: 

This illustrates that Quora provides the perfect platform for content marketing to your target audience through relevant and informative answers to industry-related questions. 

So, you can clearly tell that content marketing is a strong opportunity here, but how does it help your bottom line? That is where the traffic and conversion analytics come in. Let’s dive into these numbers next to see the ultimate benefits of these Quora Guest Posts. 

Quora Guest Post Analytics: High Conversion and Exposure 

Authority, brand awareness, and goodwill are all great benefits of Quora Guest Posts since informative answers to relevant questions provide value to viewers. The question is do these things really help your website and business growth?

The analytics say yes, let’s take a look at how: 

Exposure and Engagement

First of all, Quora Guest Posts get a lot of views and engagement. Taking a look at the 6 Quora guest posts that Arunag made for Accessily gives us some insight into the high number of views, upvotes and shares.

Quora Guest Post# of Views# of Upvotes# of Shares
#1 6593
Total 90101942
Uppal’s Quora Guest Post Engagement

The total views on his answers were over 9,000, on just 6 posts, showing how effective the site is at reaching large numbers of people. In addition, the posts got high shares and upvotes showing that the viewers were receptive to these answers and found the information valuable. All of these viewers will now have an impression of Accessily and increased brand awareness. 

Clearly, the reach of these Quora guest posts was large but we wanted to compare Quora guest post results with the results of a new account, both answering questions in the relevant niche and linking to the same site. So we created an account and started answering questions revolving around SEO and linking Accessily. 

The results were interesting and definitely showed a major difference between Quora influencer accounts and new DIY accounts. Let’s take a look at a few questions answered by our new account and see how the engagement differed. 

The Accessily DIY Quora account also aimed to answer SEO, traffic and digital marketing related questions and tie in the ways that Accessily could help. We identified questions where the users needed help improving their SEO or traffic, which guest posting with Accessily can do. In the three questions previewed above, we focused on how to increase traffic through guest posts. These answers were posted in March, the same month that Uppal posted all of his guest post answers. Despite being posted in the same month, the views and engagement were very different.

With our new Accessily Quora account we averaged under 50 views per answer and under 3 upvotes, and all of the answers on our new account together had 500 views. Meanwhile the lowest viewed guest post from Uppal posted in March had 659 views. We dedicated over 20 hours of DIY question answering on Quora, answering over 30 questions and yet our results were radically different from an established Quora Influencer account.

Let’s take a look at the difference in total views between Uppal’s Guest Posts and our DIY account for the month of March. 

This quite clearly demonstrates that despite investing a significant amount of time and effort into the DIY option, Guest Posting had superior results in terms of reach and engagement. Ultimately a small and new account would need to dedicate months of time to be able to compete with the results from a Guest Post from an established and popular Quora profile. 

Quora Guest Post Conversion

Let’s take a deeper look at the Quora guest post analytics and what they mean for the success and their impact on the website they link to. We tracked the engagement and conversion of these Quora Posts with Google Analytics and the results were excellent. Let’s take a look at those numbers. 

The Google Analytics show the new users acquired through the Quora Guest Posts, the time that they sent on Accessily, and how many of them converted by creating an Accessily account. 

Here we can see that the Quora posts directly lead to new users on the Accessily site, with an average of 35 new users per post and a high of 55 users from one post. In addition, the new users spend an average of 7 minutes on the website showing that they had a high retention rate of staying on the site. Most impressive of all was the conversion rate of new users who created an Accessily account. 

The average conversion rate for these posts was impressively high, with 14.33% of users that clicked through registering for an Accessily account. This is significantly higher than other channels such as PPC advertising. 

Overall the analytics paint a convincing picture of high exposure, targeted traffic increases, high conversion rates, and increase in website performance. Not to mention the SEO benefits of the backlinks in the Quora Guest Posts. 

How Did We Do It? Quora Guest Posting with Accessily

The results of guest posting on Quora with Uppal’s influencer account were undeniably positive. You may be wondering what our process was to get to that point. Well, we did it in a few easy steps. 

First we looked in our own marketplace and searched through the many Quora influencers who offer guest posts. 

Then we carefully reviewed the seller profiles to see which Quora accounts had the most relevant expertise and answered questions in our niche. 

We compared the analytics provided by the different sellers including their follower numbers, average answer views, average shares and average upvotes. 

We also read samples of their writing by clicking on their Quora profiles to make sure that the guest post answers would match the tone of our business. We also looked at the type of questions the Quora profiles already answered to see if there was overlap in content between their existing content and our desired content, so that the guest posts would look authentic and organic. 

After researching the right Quora profile we simply used the marketplace to purchase guest posts through the seller that best matched our needs, which in this case was Anurag Uppal. And the rest is history as they say! We were very happy with the results and the positive inflow of traffic and new users.  

Quora Guest Post Case Study Take-Aways 

Quora is a perfect platform for effective guest posts because it makes it easy to find extremely relevant and well converting question topics that relate to any industry. These questions provide the gateway to well performing content answers that build authority, credibility and trustworthiness with viewers. 

The organic nature of the recommendations also makes viewers more inclined to trust the website being linked to. This is demonstrated by the high engagement and conversion rates of these guest posts. 

The analytics clearly show that many viewers of Quora Guest Posts are converted to website visitors and users. This makes it a powerful tool both for SEO and organic traffic generation to your website. You can start guest posting on Quora from high-profile accounts using Accessily today!

If you want to see the benefits of guest posting on high domain websites and blogs check out our guest post campaign case study here.

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