Websites Approval Standards

Newly added are approved according to the following standards:

1. Every website has to have a $50+ traffic value.

2. The website has to have 100+ organic traffic.

3. The site has to include written content on it, if we will get the impression that the site doesn’t include written content, we will not approve the site.

4. Previews are a must-have demand, sites without previews will not be approved.

The preview has to give us the impression it is possible for the Publisher/contributor to post there.

*404 Pages / Profile are automatically denied.

5. Your site’s category might be changed by our moderators in case you have listed your site on a wrong category (For example, “Business & Industry” site on “Arts and Entertainment”).

6. Allowed Languages- Currently, we are allowing all of the languages from Europe and Arabic to be added to the marketplace.

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