Accessily 3.0: The Most Advanced and Effective Guest Post Platform Version Yet!

Why We Updated Our Platform

Customer Feedback and Advanced Options

At Accessily our goal has always been to streamline the process of Guest Posting to make it as easy and accessible as possible for our customers! Guest Posting is an effective way to improve SEO and it is an excellent tool for content marketing through unique channels. Our customers use our guest post marketplace and campaign platform to achieve a variety of SEO and Traffic goals, and along the way, we have listened to their suggestions and pain points. We took all of this in mind when designing an update that will make this process even easier and more effective!

In addition, we always want Accessily to be on the cutting edge of SEO providing the most beneficial types of backlinks and Guest Posts. In order to do that we are always brainstorming ways to improve our platform to best match the current times and customer needs!

New Features


Preference Section

Our marketplace has over +15,000 high-quality Guest Post publishers, and we wanted it to be easy for our users to find the right fit! For that reason, we added a preference section for customers to easily select the industries that best describe their needs. This information is then incorporated in the display of the marketplace, bringing the most relevant publisher options to the top of the page. This preference selection thus helps to curate guest posts opportunities for each of our unique customers! That way every customer can now have a personalized and improved marketplace experience, based on their particular field.

New Preference Selection Process

 New Filters

You asked and we listened! Our number 1 question on Accessily platform 2.0 was if there was a way to filter by price, and now there is! Each of our publishers is in control of the price they set for Guest Post opportunities, so there is no standard price for a type of Guest Post. But now you can filter the results to fit your particular budget by selecting a range at the top of the Marketplace results page!

In addition to price, you can also filter by language, domain authority, and website type. Whatever type of Guest Post you need Accessily can help you find it!

Accessily Marketplace Search Filters, Now Including Price!

Live Analytics

We want you to have the most up to date information when you use Accessily. For that reason, we added live google analytics to our website listings. Now that websites are connected to google analytics you can see the real-time traffic to the websites to help inform your purchase decision!

Content (Article Library)

Many of our customers decide to write their own Guest Post content. This allows you to maintain full creative control over your Guest Posts and to share your unique brand voice the way that you want to! We wanted this process to be easy and organized from the first Guest Post to the hundredth! So we updated our Articles Library to include content folders. These folders allow you to organize your Guest Post content however you want so that everything is easy to manage!

Accessily Content Page, Now Including Folders for Organization!

Updated Analytics

We want all of our Accessily customers to be able to measure and understand the impact of their Guest Posts, so we made it easier to keep track of! We have platform sections dedicated to guest post analytics, landing page Analytics, anchor text and organic keyword analytics. Guest Post analytics are driven by google analytics, live feedback from the search engine on particular pages, and their status. We organized the guest post analytics by organic traffic and referral traffic so that you can clearly see what is going on!

Analytics Benefits

  • Everything is measurable 
  • Gives you a better understanding of your investment
  • Provides information based on different points of interest
  • Provides visual analysis using graphs

Always Focused on Customer Success!

Overall our goal at Accessily is to constantly advance and improve so that we are providing the best version of our platform to our customers! In this new update, we improved our Marketplace, Campaign Process, our Content Library, and our Analytics. We have added a long request price filter, preference options to streamline guest post selection, a folder feature to improve organization, and much more information on how everything is doing!

We are always striving to improve, so let us know what you want to see in the next version of Accessily! Feedback Survey

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