What Are the Benefits of SEO to a Small Local Business?

As of 2019, there are 4.39 billion internet users and 3.48 social media users on the web. These rising numbers have drastically increased the online competition for small local businesses. Even if someone’s shopping locally, they are using the web to get recommendations for where to shop.

Therefore, improving your search engine optimization (SEO) for your business website is essential.

SEO is a systematic strategy that improves your website’s ranking. With it, your small business gets displayed more often in search engines which brings in visitors, leads, and sales.

The need for good organic SEO is important because 80% of users skip the paid ads at the top of search engines. Furthermore, you don’t have the recurring cost that’s associated with ads. So, implementing SEO has become a necessity in today’s time where there are more than 30 million small businesses.

Did you know that 90% of small internet businesses fail in the first 4 months? There can be many reasons for it but not targeting the relevant audience and failing to implement good SEO is one of them.

If you still have doubts, take a look at these benefits of SEO to a small business:

1. Excel in Search Results

Your small online business will fail to get any traffic if it is on the 10th page of the search engine or even beyond that. To make this right, apply good SEO to improve your online business’s ranking and bring it up on the first page.

This is necessary because 75% of users don’t go beyond Google’s first page.

So, the first benefit of SEO is that people won’t have to scroll page after page to stumble upon your business. Good SEO will bring it up on the first page and direct a lot of traffic towards your website.

2. Take Control of the Future

If you are running a small local business then you must think long term. It involves making your website, content and strategies up to date and SEO will help you with that.

For example, SEO tactics keep on changing from time to time. There was a time when keyword stuffing really worked, but today it isn’t that important.

A few years ago, the impact of using media in an online business didn’t make much difference, but today including pictures and videos related to your business gives an enormous boost.

In fact, 63% of bigger businesses are using videos to attract visitors and it is working like a charm.

So, sticking to the latest SEO techniques will help you know what’s required in the present and what you will need to do in the future. In short, it will help your small local business to grow into a bigger one.

3. Brand Awareness

There aren’t many small local businesses that don’t want to turn into a gigantic brand. How is this achievable? The answer is simple, SEO.

Small businesses that stick with good SEO techniques and offers good value to the customers are more likely to become a successful brand.

In other words, good SEO will increase your reputation in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). From there, your content/services are more likely go viral and people will share your posts, services. etc on their profiles. Why? Because search engines recommend you, so it’s a safe recommendation for users too.

Using SEO, you will get a good amount of exposure that will eventually turn your small business into a brand.

Apart from that, posting a business video will increase 53% chances of showing up on the first page. Moreover, it will drastically boost brand awareness.

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to be successful. All you need is to understand SEO, spend some money and implement it to gradually increase your business. And, in no time, your small business will transform into a bigger one. That’s how powerful SEO is!

4. Improved Conversion Rates

The whole idea of a small business is to get as many visitors converted as possible. Here’s where SEO once triumphs again. When you implement SEO on your website, you target the right audience, people searching for the solution that you have.

There’s more to it though. A website that loads slow and has a poor design is unlikely to get visitors converted. In fact, it will increase the bounce rate and hurt your business. Therefore, having a fast website with a nice design is essential to SEO. It’s priority if you want to have as many conversions as possible.

5. SEO Can Be Linked to Social Media and Improve Rankings

Sharing your content helps build backlinks for your online business. The more backlinks you have (especially from high domain authority sites), the better your SEO will be.

It’s a cycle that builds on itself. The more exposure and traffic you get to your site, the more likely people are to share it. As shares increase, traffic increases and the cycle repeats.

Building your social media presence is an excellent way of getting exposure for your small online local business. However, it takes time to build up, typically 1-3 years.

To do this right, your content must be worth sharing, so focus on quality and being unique.

6. Beat Your Competition Easily

Running a small local business is not a bed of roses. You will face fierce competition in your niche. There will be many other businesses competing for a better spot in the rankings who might be selling the same product or service as you.

Here’s where SEO decides which business is better. When two or more businesses are selling the same products, the better business is the one that has an SEO optimized website.

Even if your products are superior, if customers aren’t able to find your website it doesn’t matter how good your products are.

7. Attracts The Mobile Users

There are 2.71 billion mobile users in the world and out of these, around 2 billion have access to the internet. This means that if your website is SEO optimized for being mobile friendly then you have a chance to target people up to 2 billion people.

Of course, no small business can target such a huge audience but the point is that if you implement SEO in the right way, you can target loads of mobile users and bring them to your online business/website.

In the first quarter of 2019, more than 48% of traffic came from mobile phones. This means that if your website is not mobile friendly then you are missing 48% of traffic just like that. It’s a huge loss!

Look for themes that advertise being “responsive” or “mobile friendly”. Test their demos on your phone before purchasing.

8. SEO is Affordable

If we compare advertising with SEO, there’s a huge difference. Advertising won’t bring you the same results as SEO will. With that said, you must be thinking that since SEO is better than advertising, it must be more expensive. Surprisingly, it is actually the opposite!

The total expenditure of SEO is around $800 to $2000 a month depending upon the size of your business.

This is another reason to go for an SEO optimized business because the returns are far better than other forms of marketing.

9. Gives You Quality Traffic

Attracting a lot of traffic isn’t the best part, getting quality/relevant traffic is! And fortunately, SEO can help you with that. If you are running a business on sports gear then what is the point of targeting an audience that is interested in baby products?

With the power of SEO, you can attract a relevant audience. This is one of its main benefits.

SEO forms a bridge between your website and the users who are typing in the search keywords in the engine. When the keywords match, that particular user is directed to your website. This is why the SEO industry is worth $65 billion today. Pretty cool, right?

10. Conduct Business 24/7

The beauty of SEO is that your business remains open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is because when your website is SEO optimized, it brings you consistent organic traffic.

This is also one way to make your small local business successful and even turn it into a gigantic business.

Spending on SEO is not a one time return. It will keep on bringing new customers to your site and you will see a drastic increase in sales.


SEO is one of the most powerful techniques that will transform a small local business into a larger one. It doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money, just a few hundreds of thousands to take it to newer heights.

So, if you are planning to create your own small local business, make sure that you make a SEO optimized website and leave no stone unturned to generate organic traffic.

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