Product Launch 🎉: Content Explorer 1.0 + A New Way to Guest Post Outreach

Hi Everyone!

Guest posts are a hot field, literally. And we wanted to add a new element to that field, our product content explorer.

On the one hand, we know that it contributes significantly to the organic ranking and bringing new customers to our business, and on the other hand, there are people on behalf of such and other entities who tell us that buying backlinks is forbidden or at least should be notified by marking them as no-follow.

What makes buying a backlink forbidden? The payment itself? Or maybe it is just the way you get the backlink?

As I write these words I am worried about the future of the internet. 

Will there be only one search engine that will provide advertising spaces to the whole world?

What about all those publishers who want to make a living just like search engines? This brings me to the new product we’ve launched, which is nothing less than a revolution in advertising for businesses and content creators.

Content Explorer 1.0 🎉

In honor of the new Jewish year, we have created a new way to create collaborations with content creators – because of creators are future!


A search engine that integrates content creators and their visibility across the web allows you as an advertiser to create results-based collaborations.

How It Works

To enter Content Explorer, you can find it in the toolbar on the left sidebar of the platform.

If you do not find it exactly as in the picture, do not panic. Our platform is always changing and we always add new features and never erase them.
To start your search, you will need to type in the search bar the word that most describes your business or in the SEO language your main keyword.

content explorer

As part of the example, we will run a search on the word “Guest Post Service” which is part of our company strategy.

What you see in the image above are the results of our tool returned from the word Guest Post Service.

On the top, dry statistics on the keyword like: Avg. Competition (Estimated competition from 0 to 100, the higher the number the more competitive), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Avg. Search Volume.

To the right of this you will see all related keywords to your search, and these dry stats next to each one of them.

Below the Content Explorer will present all the estimated traffic that this search keyword has received in the last year to date through Google Search Engine.

And this is where the magic happens… 🧙🏼‍♂️

What happens here is a combination of 3 years of work we invested in Accessily Marketplace with the search results from search engines and created the option to collaborate with content creators with proven results pages.

To continue the example: as an advertiser I see here six articles (not including our search result), where I can contact the site owner/contributor through Accessily’s Marketplace and buy a place in his article.

Why is it different?

In this example, instead of paying $ 32 per click to appear on the paid search section.

I can partner with the owner/contributor of which ranks first in the search results and pay a total of $ 250 dollars and appear within his article.

✅ Long term investment
✅ Predictable price
✅ Cheaper
✅ Benefits to SEO
✅ Brand Awareness and Trust
✅ Looks organic and real, and not sponsored

Not only that, this way I can buy collaborations on all six sites and appear in all the search results under the word “Guest Post Service”.

To conclusion

The future advertising will be decentralized, and the future is creators.

I invite everyone to join us and create a better future for content creators and advertisers.

With the new way we have developed, you will be able to buy collaborations on websites with proven results and invest your advertising budgets more safely.

In addition, there is always the option to use our Marketplace independently and rank brand new articles above these results!

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