Are Multiple Backlinks from the Same Website Good?

Lauren Stark

Backlinks are one of the most important components of SEO so it is obviously essential to consider which types of backlinks are the best. Many people wonder is having multiple backlinks from the same website is good for their SEO or if it has negative impacts. In addition, many backlink building strategies focus solely on increasing backlink diversity, rather than focusing on overall quantity.

While there are certainly benefits to focusing on backlink diversity, this article will explore whether it is also beneficial to focus on building multiple backlinks from the same website.

What is backlink diversity?

“Link diversity is a strategy of obtaining inbound links from different kinds of pages. For example directories, articles, news links. Link diversity also means obtaining links from a variety of domains such as .edu, .com, .net, and so on.”~Search Engine Journal

The idea behind link diversity is that obtaining backlinks within a diverse range will also keep a site’s backlink patterns within a normal range. The purpose of this is to avoid looking spammy to search engines.

However, focusing on link diversity is not a beneficial ranking factor in itself. In most cases, only extremely suspicious patterns of links (like 50 backlinks from one website, or an interlocking web of links all from the same domain owners.) are cause for concern for Google.

So, why is SEO usually focused on unique backlinks?

Many studies have shown a strong correlation between organic traffic and the number of backlinks from unique referring domains. This at first glance reveals that backlink diversity is important to improving traffic and search rankings. However, this correlation does not take into account that having more unique backlinks also means that a website has more backlinks overall. This reveals that backlink quantity is also an important metric for good SEO, and arguably a more critical metric.

Another concern that people have is that having too many backlinks from the same website is unnatural. This would be an issue because search engines could then penalize websites for those unnatural links if they identify them as spam. However, research does not support the claim that multiple backlinks from the same website are unnatural.

A study by Ahrefs found that 79.23% of referring domains link to the same website multiple times. In addition, the websites that did provide multiple links typically linked to a website 2-5 times.

This study shows that it very natural for websites to provide multiple backlinks, and thus it would not seem unusual or unnatural to search engines.

So, multiple backlinks from the same site will not be viewed as unnatural by Google and other search engines which clearly indicates that having these will not negatively impact your site. The question remains whether multiple backlinks from the same site will have a positive impact on your website.

Let’s discuss some of the significant benefits of having multiple backlinks from the same domain, to answer that question!

Increase Exposure to Different Pages of Your Website!

Multiple backlinks from the same website can be beneficial by allowing that website to link to different pages on your domain.

Often times backlinks contain the URL of the webpage that already receives the most traffic, the homepage. Backlinks to the homepage are good but increasing the number of pages that are linked has an additional positive impact. This is because it exposes these pages to more referral traffic.

In addition, many webpages have specific purposes such as providing information or providing a call to action. By increasing the backlinks to these specific pages the specific goals of those pages can be meet! More links to an informative blog post can help position a website as an expert in their field. More links to a registration page for an event can boost the number of registrations.

Overall giving a website the ability to backlink to multiple pages on your domain will have a positive impact on overall SEO and on the success of those pages in accomplishing their goals.

Increase Domain and Page Authority!

Every webpage has a score for domain and page authority that is calculated based on a variety of factors from page loading speed to backlinks.

This metric is not a direct ranking factor of search engines but it is highly correlated with SEO success. Websites with high domain authority are much more likely to rank on the first page of Google compared to pages with low domain authority.

This makes domain authority a great litmus test for your website overall. So, taking actions to increase domain authority will have a positive impact on your overall SEO and search rankings.

One way that authority is measured is through the layout of links on a domain from one page to another. If a webpage is ranked highly and it links to another webpage on the domain this will lend some of the authority to that page. In addition, the domain authority of the website overall has an effect on page authority. If a site has high domain authority it will automatically improve the authority of a page on that domain.

This means that having multiple backlinks from the same website can impact page authority because the backlinks will point to multiple pages of the domain, strengthening their individual score and subsequently the overall domain authority score.

Increase referral traffic!

Backlinks from high-traffic websites drive referral traffic to your website. This is a great source of organic traffic and these new visitors to your site will have additional trust in your website since they came from a website they already trust to yours. This will have a positive impact on your business because the higher traffic volume will increase conversions. Also, if the website that provides backlinks is in the same niche, the traffic will be more relevant also contributing to a higher conversion rate. The more backlinks that a website provides to your website, the more pathways users will have to find your site!

The main point is that if there is an opportunity to get a link from a high traffic website, it does not matter if you already have a link from that website. The additional backlink will still be beneficial even if just for the referral traffic!


There are many misconceptions around the importance of backlink diversity in a link building strategy, and this causes people to worry about having multiple links from the same website. However, this is only a problem in specific instances that are obviously spam so it is not a major cause for concern.

In addition to this not being a bad thing, multiple backlinks from the same website can have positive impacts on overall SEO, webpage exposure, and referral traffic. These benefits make it worth it to consider opportunities from websites that have already provided you with backlinks.

Lauren Stark

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